What we do

We help quiet your classrooms.  We help keep your floors cleaner.  We help make your life easier.

We sell a simple mechanical device used to cut tennis balls easily, quickly and consistently. Using tennis balls on desk and chair legs in classrooms is not new; teachers, students and custodial staff have been reaping the benefits for years.  The challenge has always been cutting the tennis balls and cutting them well so they fit onto the chair legs, and stay there. Teachers and custodians alike have tried various techniques, some slightly better than others, for cutting tennis balls; but none have been highly efficient. The Tennis Ball Cutter™ is the device designed specifically to cut tennis balls. No more hours spent tediously slicing tennis balls. No more nicks and cuts from razor blades. No more tennis balls coming loose from the chair legs and falling into the hands of rambunctious students. Now, cutting tennis balls is easy and quick!

At TennisBallCutter.com we also help people find tennis balls. Tennis ball donations are easy to come by through high school and college teams, tennis clubs and manufacturers. Check out our “FINDING TENNIS BALLS” page for more information.