Finding Tennis Balls

Two things are needed to help quiet classrooms, tennis balls and a way to cut them. With the Tennis Ball Cutter™, you’ve found the way to cut them quickly and easily. The second thing is a ready supply of tennis balls.

The obvious places to find used tennis balls are:

  • -Tennis Clubs, both private and public
  • -High School tennis teams
  • -College tennis teams

Here are some links to recycled tennis balls

The online store - 2nd  sells high quality clean used tennis balls in bulk, and often has extra non-playable balls available for classroom use. Not-for-profits can get balls for free (when available) and pay only the cost of shipping.

Another source for used tennis balls is Just Used Tennis Balls.  "Just Used Tennis Balls (The Hardware Store) The Prime Source for Recycled Tennis Balls"

Also, we have found a terrific tool for finding tennis balls at TennisPoint.comClick Here to find tennis balls in your area. Once at the TennisPoint website, click on ‘More Options’ to enter your ZIP code and distance to find tennis clubs in your area. We’ve been very successful in locating sources for used tennis balls using the TennisPoint website. And it is excellent PR for a tennis club to donate tennis balls.

Used Tennis Balls

Keep your options open, use your imagination, make lots of phone calls and you will find good sources.

One last thing. If you find a source for used tennis balls, let us know and we will put the link on our site. We’d like to give recognition to those who support quiet classrooms.