the Tennis Ball Cutter™

the Tennis Ball Cutter™
Brand: Cogen Designs LLC
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Easily and safely cut tennis balls for classroom chairs and desks. Tennis balls are used to silence the action of the chair and desk against the floor.  The Tennis Ball Cutter™ takes the drudgery out of cutting tennis balls.  More importantly, the cut is consistent and sized to keep the tennis ball on.  On the desk and chair legs.

Cutting enough tennis balls for a classroom full of desks and chairs takes less than 30 minutes.  And the results are dramatic.  Just ask teachers who have had the experience of working in a quieter classroom.  Quieter because of the tennis balls.  Ask them to give them up.  I don't think they will.  Not without a fight.

And tennis balls are much kinder to floors than metal slides.  The scraping you no longer hear means the floor isn't getting scratched.  Maintenance demands are reduced.

From Version 2.30, all Tennis Ball Cutters are built with the new one piece blade.  This blade pierces the tennis ball more easily and, therefore, with less effort.

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