Welcome to Tennis Ball Cutter . com.  Helping you create a quieter classroom.

With the Tennis Ball Cutter™ you will easily cut 6 to 10 tennis balls a minute.

Cut enough tennis balls for an average classroom, 200, in under 30 minutes?
With the Tennis Ball Cutter™ you will.  Simply.  Easily.

Tennis balls, when installed on desk and chair legs, help maintain classroom floors.
Cut tennis balls easily with the Tennis Ball Cutter™.

Visit our 'Finding Tennis Balls' page. A source for used tennis balls might be closer than you think.
Then use the Tennis Ball Cutter™ to cut them.

A teacher's voice is more easily heard in a quiet classroom.
Teachers prefer quiet classrooms.
Make your classrooms quiet with used tennis balls and the Tennis Ball Cutter™.

Tennis Ball Cutter™ cuts tennis balls quickly, safely, easily

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  • Watch the demonstration video, on the right, of the Tennis Ball Cutter™ in action, and then continue reading.

    The Tennis Ball Cutter™ is a simple mechanical device that cuts tennis balls so they may be attached to classroom chairs and desks. Background noise is reduced, the teacher is more easily heard. Simple.

    The problem has always been cutting the tennis balls. The Tennis Ball Cutter™ solves that problem.

    Problem no more.